To pay tribute to those customers who went in the past 15 years, Ky Nguyen company implementation special program which named:  "enhance your value with Ky Nguyen", applies to customers who participate signed advertising contract in July, June - 2014. 

Founded in 1999, spending 15 years in development, Ky Nguyen company has achieved many achievements in the field of advertising, communication & event. Being a pioneer in bus advertising services, advertising bus, billboards and  event, the company was honored to receive many certificates and awards such as: Certificate of excellence typical enterprise 2010, successfully organized golf tournament in 2010, village tourism festival tradition in 2013, Hoi Xuan Giap Ngo 2014 with many charitable activities, protection Vietnam disabled People ... 

Special offer on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of Ky Nguyen Company

Program  "enhance your value with Ky Nguyen"is a special occasion customers have the opportunity to promote the image, its brand to the public at large with quality professional service and best quality. The success of the measure client is bringing sustainable value for Ky Nguyen. 
Program implemented during two months (June and July) applies to all types of services are provided. Accordingly, each customer will be given 2 months time with advertising contracts and many other attractive gifts. 
Contracts Billboards: Give extra 2 months for customers to sign a contract with the company over 12 months.
Contract bus: Give extra 2 months for customers to sign a contract with the company over 12 months. 
Contract Event: Free building ideas, used furniture, design events and print tools ... 
Contract commencement: Free building ideas, erecting tents welcome, the groundbreaking for the inauguration activities commenced. 
Overcome many difficulties and challenges, Ky Nguyen is affirming the role and its brand not only by the quality of service but also by the professional sales program. 
Contact : 
Address: 6B, 61/16 Lac Trung Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. 
OOH: 0904. 227. 513 (Ms. Ha) 
Events: 0903. 214. 425 (Ms Dung)