Ky Nguyen is one of the few companies honored to hold the inauguration program started by the ministries, departments, corporations large building. With a series of solemn ceremonies to welcome the Prime Minister, Minister of Construction, Minister of Transport, the leaders of the provinces, we assert confidence and professionalism themselves in the field of organizing large-scale events.

Era of the top ten advertising companies organizing the inauguration ceremony of the project scale up to thousands of billions, resonates in the public media and journalism; attract capital from investors.

We are a trusted partner of leading construction group, the brand produced building materials like Ceramic acclaimed, HUD, UDIC, Nippon Paint, Hoang Thach Cement, Steel ... Steel Bluecope Simultaneously Era very honored to receive the high credibility of the Government Office, the Ministry of Construction Office, Office of the Ministry of Transport, People's Committees of provinces and cities nationwide.

Ky Nguyen owns canvas art system, modern, imported from the Federal Republic of Germany. Our facilities are diverse, many sizes, can meet the needs of event scale from small to large.







20mR x 5mD/module

Number of

15 Module


1500 m2


Using the convenient docking with the module leaving the area suitable for use


Luxury alloy structure, good strength, anti-rust surface

5-layer roof insulation, bearing

300 kg/m2

House Roder canvas 

•    Alloy structural elegance 
•    Using the convenient docking with the module leaving the area suitable for use 
•    Great space and time 
•    Installation of air conditioning and lighting systems within 
•    5-layer roof insulation, load 300Kg/m2

House Roder canvas


Tents V.I.P

  • ·         5mR Dimensions x 3.7 x 5mD mC / module x 4modul.
  • ·         Height 2,6 m edges; 5.4 m height to roof.
  • ·         65X65X3mm frame size; Aluminum bearing surface rust.
  • ·         Wind speed allowed: 100-120km / h.
  • ·         Some accessories like glasses or special ABS walls, the doors, canopies, the assembly floor, interior linings and many other accessories.
  • ·         Suitable for various types of terrain, weather.
  • ·         Type a subtle elegance to create the pickup area.
  • Tents V.I.P


•    Quality canvas high quality, durable. Canvas color though varied as white, blue, red ... can coordinate colors on each matter 
•    Head though made of iron rust paint in height from 6 to 12 meters easily removable transportation construction 
•    Diversity Dimensions: diameter umbrellas 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m. 
•    Pickup system 
•    The size of 5m x 5m 
•    Height at the edge is 2.6 m 
•    Height to the roof is 4.7 m 
•    Marquises rain, luxurious texture suitable for multiple events 
•    Attracting attention for the guests attending the event when

Variety of sizes: steam port , innox port , erection of gates ,port ball



    Alloy structural elegance 
    Stage floor assembly stainless steel legs, plywood floor 2cm, high 0.5 m, 0.8 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m. Floor area per m2, iron box certainly ensure safety when organizing events. 
    Design, theatrical production, staging and construction and installation stage.


  Tables and chairs 

•    System tables and chairs serve VIPs, delegates, reception. 
•    Many designs luxury models, polite.

 Tables and chairs

Party Room 

•    System banquet room large and luxurious. 
•    Arranging sound system, lighting, projection screen modern style combines served from the experienced staff always meet all the needs of customers. 
•    Other Equipment 
•    Sound systems - specialized lighting for outdoor events, the ceremony kicked-inaugurated modern red velvet rope barrier stainless steel, imported air horn system, flag banners, ... 


•    Reception to welcome guests. 
•    Singer. 
•    Group dance performances. 
•    Professional MC. 
•    Social lion dance drums.